How to use Ilan 1.6 Expert Adviser

Published: 08th March 2011
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Expert Adviser – is a computer program based on a set of forex trading signals generated by forex indicators that helps to determine whether to buy or to sell a currency pair at exact time. Expert Advisor (EAs) is designed to remove the psychological factor of trading, which can be harmful. In other words, it is program that will earn money for you without your presence in NET and practically without any risk for you! During last year I’ve tested a lot of different EAs. Some of them were rather successful (about 90 USD per week with 5 USD start-up capital) some were really harmful (I will speak about these EA’s in my next post), but now I want to tell you about the GREATEST EA I have ever seen! Ilan1.6Dynamic.mq4 – name of this amazing program.

You may look for it in Google. Thanks for programmers that made this EA, but let’s speak in order). Be ready to get real profit!

1. You need to have already installed Metatrader4.

2. Like I said you should download Ilan1.6Dynamic.mq4 and save it on your computer.

3. Unpack and copy your Ilan1.6Dynamic.mq4 file to folder c:\Program Files \MetaTrader NordFX\experts\

4. Run your MT4.

5. After these operations in "Navigator" window you’ll see so essential EA.

Don’t forget to activate expert adviser button.

6. Select currency pair you prefer to trade and right click on it. You’ll find it in "Market watch" window. Then select "Chart window" in pop-down menu.

After that you’ll see chart window. In my case it is GBPUSD chart with 5 minutes interval.

7. Now just drag Ilan1.6Dynamic.mq4 from "Navigator" window to your chart.

After that you will see the new window. You should enable check "Allow live trading" in it.

8. Now you may check your EA connection. In case, in the right top corner you see little smiling face – that means that your individual Forex trading robot has just started its work.

Now few words about EA settings.

In order to minimize trading risks I prefer to trade with 0.01 lot amount. When you drag your Ilan1.6Dynamic.mq4 to chart, in indicated upper window select property page "Input" and print lot amount "0.01". Click "Ok".

Now just be ready to get good results and withdrawal your profit. This adviser will be ideal for you, in case you are not professional trader.

Trading practically without risks, simplicity of adjustments and best results I have ever tested.
You can find step-by-step instruction here:
Good luck in trading!

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